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Feedback & Complaints

We’re interested in what you think of our services

We’re 100% committed to improving the services we offer to our patients, and the families, whānau and caregivers who support them, and any other people who may need to use our services.

You can help us to improve our services by telling us about:

  • Anything that we did really well
  • Anything that we could have done better
  • Your suggestions for improving the services we provide to you.

We treat everything you tell us seriously and with complete confidentiality.

You can use a ’Complaint, Feedback and Compliment ’form to tell us what you think. The forms are also available from reception, and in waiting and treatment areas.

If you would like a response to your feedback, make sure you add your contact details to the form.

You can either drop your form into reception or email it to the Practice Manager at


What if I’m unhappy with a member of the Ropata team?

We are committed to offering the best possible service to our patients and anyone else who uses our services.

To help us improve our services, we do need to know if your experience was less than you expected.

Please feel free to contact our Practice Manager about any concerns you may have on either (04) 920 0800 or

We assure you that your feedback will not negatively impact on the care that you receive from our team.

If you’d prefer to talk with someone outside the Practice, then the Health and Disability Advocacy Service (HDC) are a free service that can help.

You can contact the HDC on 0800 555 050 or

How do I make a complaint?

If you’re not happy with the medical treatment or service you received from us, then you have the right to complain about it.

If you do want to make a complaint, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor or the Practice Manager, Adrian Tucker, about your concerns.

Making a complaint

If you want to make a formal complaint, then we encourage you to use a ’Complaint, Feedback and Compliment ’form to make your complaint. The forms are also available from reception and in waiting and treatment areas.

If you don’t wish to use the form, you can complain in person or over the phone, in a letter or by email. You can ask a third party to speak for you, if you find this difficult.

If you complain in person, the person you complain to will ask you to check the information they record about your complaint and ask you to date and sign it.

If you complain over the phone the person you complain to will repeat the information you supply to check he or she has recorded it accurately.

We treat all complaints with respect and aim to resolve them fairly, simply and as soon as possible. We have processes in place to make sure we do this.

The formal complaints process:

If you complain, you can expect that we will:

  • Tell you what to expect from the process and give you a ’Complaint, Feedback and Compliment ’form
  • Make sure our Practice Manager, who manages the complaints, is told about your complaint within 24 hours
  • Write to you within 5 working days of receiving your complaint to let you know that we got it
  • Include a handout about our complaints information in our letter acknowledging your complaint that tells you:
    • Who you can talk to at Ropata Medical Centre about your complaint
    • How to access the local Health and Disability Advocacy Service
  • Write to you within 10 working days of acknowledging your complaint to tell you about whether:
    • The investigation showed your complaint was justified
    • The complaint needs to be investigated further and how much time is needed to investigate the complaint
  • Write to you tell you if we need more than 20 working days to investigate your complaint and the reasons for it
  • In situations where you have named a team member in your complaint:
    • Let the team member know about the allegations you have made against them
    • Interview the team member about the service or treatment you complained about
    • Keep the team member informed about the progress of the complaint
    • Keep you updated about the progress of your complaint at least monthly until it is resolved.

Complaint categories

To make sure the right person investigates your complaint, we first decide the category for your complaint. Complaint categories include:

  • Clinical – complaints about doctors or nurses or both
  • Customer service – complaints about non-clinical staff such as reception or administration
  • Business processes – complaints about processes eg funding, waiting lists, access to services etc.

The complaints manager

Our complaints are logged with our Practice Manager, Adrian Tucker, who can be contacted on either (04) 920 0800 or

Senior Management reviews all complaints and communicates any feedback to the Practice Management Team, who the use the feedback to identify opportunities to improve our services.

Completing the investigation

We’ll write to let you know what we decide about your complaint as soon as possible.

Your letter will include:

  • The reason for our decision
  • Any action that we will take to resolve the complaint
  • What to do if you’re not happy with our decision.
  • What if I’m not happy with the outcome of my complaint?
  • If you’re not happy with the decision we made about your complaint, then you should contact our Practice Manager.

The Practice Manager will review your complaint, the investigation and any action taken to resolve the complaint.

The Ropata Medical Centre Management team would then meet to discuss your complaint and make a decision about whether any further action is needed to resolve the complaint.

The Practice Manager or Administrative Partner will contact in writing to you to let you know either:

  • The further remedial action that is needed to resolve your complaint
  • That the review of the complaint showed that no further action is needed and the reason for the decision.

If you’re still not happy, then you can contact the Health and Disability Advocacy Service (HDC) on 0800 555 050 or